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New iPad Pro Trackpad Feature in iOS 13.4!

26/03/2020 By 43 Comments

Apple yesterday unveiled a new 2020 iPad Pro with a new Magic Keyboard accessory that adds a trackpad to the iPad for the first time. Apple didn’t stop there, though, and built support for mice and trackpads into all modern iPads through the iOS 13.4 update.

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43 Comments on "New iPad Pro Trackpad Feature in iOS 13.4!"

  1. Lord Imrahiel
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Great, but I hate it that it just works with Magic Mouse 2 or Magic Trackpad 2, so Apple wants me to buy now, for at least 70€, a new Magic Mouse. So if anybody knows how to get the full functions on a Magic Mouse/Trackpad 1?

  2. JustPlayEarwigs
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Is it possible to use other touchpads in the same way like the one from Apple?

  3. dio brando
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Will there be a iPad Pro bend test?

  4. Leyo Fernando
    26/03/2020 Reply

    cool! just downloaded it today

  5. Louis Chen
    26/03/2020 Reply

    ipad pro spent 10 years to finally have pen and mouse. To be just like surface pro 10 years ago. Steve Job would cry on heaven when he knew this.

  6. The Business Firm
    26/03/2020 Reply

    It is now 9pm on the 24th of March and 13.6 is still not released! I thought Apple was releasing it today? What's going on? In three hours it will be the 25th!

  7. PyLord Vader
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Engineer : We don't have any innovation !
    Tim CEO : Ask some one for help
    Engineer : Apple is too closed for any innovation or help
    Tim : Just do any shit you can
    Engineer : We can add mouse
    Tim : Do it without mentioning touch screen
    Engineer : OK

  8. PyLord Vader
    26/03/2020 Reply

    While it is touch and extra pen why should some one may use touch pad or mouse ? Are you kidding me ?

  9. Moudire Ifan
    26/03/2020 Reply

    This is a great experience, using the trackpad on my favorite “computer”.

  10. Dobromir Dombek
    26/03/2020 Reply

    You can turn off cursor animation/sticky cursor in accessibility settings. It was annoying me a lot.

  11. Faruk Doganci
    26/03/2020 Reply

    What about the shortcuts (CMD + ...) is there any improvement you could notice with the new iPadOS?

  12. youkutudou
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Can I program on iPad Pro?

  13. Tanuki
    26/03/2020 Reply

    It’s iPad 13.4 for god sakes.

  14. Christian Rönn
    26/03/2020 Reply

    It seems to think my Logitech mouse is a keyboard as well, because the onscreen keyboard disappears until I turn the mouse off.

  15. Jake Bellacera
    26/03/2020 Reply

    We’re getting closer. It’s exciting knowing that we can unlock more of the power inside of the iPad, which is insanely high for the price. Would love to get a decent development experience and then we’re talking, but this may push my wife over the edge to ditching her laptop completely.

  16. Electro
    26/03/2020 Reply

    I am not seeing iOS 13.4 available for my iPad Pro 11 (2019 model). Is it going to be available only for the upcoming one? (I mean the trackpad stuff)

  17. TheYooToob2000
    26/03/2020 Reply

    So how long until iOS, iPadOS, and Mac OS are all one thing? 5 years?

  18. Michael Moy
    26/03/2020 Reply

    I'll just stick with my Mac on the desk and my iPad for portability.

  19. Lee Ramsden
    26/03/2020 Reply

    With not owning one im struggling to see the benefit, surely it is easier to touch the screen?

  20. Arnaldo Capo
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Ground breaking tech

  21. armor enegernekon
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Cant wait for bending test 🔨

  22. The Crew
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Does it work with Magic Mouse?

  23. Yazan Alnimri
    26/03/2020 Reply

    that's amazing, i can't wait until magic key board is available to order, this will help my work flow anywhere instead of carrying my 15 in macbook pro, if iPad will get final cut pro i think i can give up my MacBook pro.

  24. Just Jett
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Trackpad support is only for iPad Pro???

  25. Zurihaha
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Dear Apple, Please dont do that camera pixel look alike style, i more prefer the beautiful ip 11. BOBA style 😭

  26. Marcos F. Molina
    26/03/2020 Reply

    The iPad needs more professional apps, however I don't want straight up ports. I want specialized apps with quality ux for a mainly touch os.

  27. Jerry Wang
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Will third party keypads, like the ones with built in the keyboards, be compatible with the ipad?

  28. Erik the Blue
    26/03/2020 Reply

    So refined 😎👍

  29. Bojan Mitov
    26/03/2020 Reply

    But will it blend? I mean.. work with games?

  30. Hashem Saleh
    26/03/2020 Reply

    But why the cursor ? It’s an iPad

  31. Help me
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Will it work with any bluetooth mouse?

  32. William Colton
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Remove my YouTube reply from your video or I'll press charges.

  33. William Colton
    26/03/2020 Reply

    How much is the Core 2 Duo MacBook Air 2020?

  34. Ștefan-Sebastian Florescu
    26/03/2020 Reply

    You didn’t show how a mouse works. You can’t three finger swipe there , from what I know. Thanks

  35. 君子之交淡如水
    26/03/2020 Reply

    why would I subscribe and hit the bell before this video even starts

  36. Y M
    26/03/2020 Reply

    does this cursor feature apply for mouse or only trackpads?

  37. BuffPuff
    26/03/2020 Reply

    If I have a Bluetooth mouse, will this work with iPad Pro too?

  38. Speckbuckel19
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Does this also work with a Magic Trackpad 1?

  39. Brett tancak
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Do only Apple magic keyboard mouse work or would other Bluetooth mice work as well?

  40. fightnight14
    26/03/2020 Reply

    I can see the future when iPad OS takes over Macbook Air's role and MacOS will only be for the high end computers like 14-16" Macbook Pros

  41. Jorge Martinez
    26/03/2020 Reply

    MacBook gestures, that’s nice 😊

  42. Claudius Boasman
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Does this work with all bluetooth and wired connected mouse, mouses, no mice???

  43. Edan Cohen
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Now let us edit video footage from an external drive and all will be good, Apple.

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