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27/03/2020 By 31 Comments

“And there’s nobody better than Mikel Arteta, he’s the best little Spaniard we know!”… Enjoy every one of Arteta’s goals for Everton here. Comment below to let us know which is your favourite!

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  1. Ayam Zaman
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Henry fabrigas

  2. Hamngoi Mkho
    27/03/2020 Reply

    If you watch closely non of the goals were easy to score

  3. Robert Langdon
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Typical Spanish midfielder, technical and classy, just a shame his prime coincided with the greatest midfield ever assembled in international football(xavi iniesta busquets fabregas silva alonso)

  4. Chris CJ
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Too many goals from outside the box

  5. cung thang
    27/03/2020 Reply

    did not know him utill he joined Arsenal. borned to be the BOSS

  6. 14UnDeAd14
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Our head coach <3

  7. Mide Fatanmi
    27/03/2020 Reply

    I totally underrated and undervalued this guy as a player, even when he later played for Arsenal. I feel ashamed now, he was immense. Scored bangers only!

  8. mbsuable
    27/03/2020 Reply

    He can't score against Arsenal, United & Chelsea

  9. Apostolos Velios
    27/03/2020 Reply

    everton great win under moyes ? i guess theres a lot of memorable games

  10. dan wekoya
    27/03/2020 Reply

    his free kicks make me hard 🤪🤪

  11. シロクマシロクマ
    27/03/2020 Reply


  12. ThaBoss76000
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Why did this guy exclusively score bangers 😂😂 It’s like you’re watching a best of instead of all his goals

  13. GOGO
    27/03/2020 Reply

    1:50 was iconic for appearing in the premier league opening

  14. Đình Anh Nghiêm
    27/03/2020 Reply

    And he has no goal on Arsenal

  15. nur miz
    27/03/2020 Reply

    everton legend

  16. Marco Tonta
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Arteta is the Spanish version of Steven Gerrard ...

  17. Marco Tonta
    27/03/2020 Reply

    why Everton look like Arsenal ...

  18. dimas aryo suseno
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Arteta football style is like Robert Pires

  19. Nithin Neyyan
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Arteta + Cahill + Pienar + Fellaini 💜💜💜💜

  20. rahul singhal
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Bloody hell, his hair is still perfect

  21. Luke Bennett
    27/03/2020 Reply

    What a great player. I was soo happy when Arsenal signed him. And now he's our manager!

  22. Danzy
    27/03/2020 Reply

    He was actually so sick for Everton like damn

  23. Danzy
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Came up on recommend after he started managing the team I support 🧐

  24. Minn Wai Yan
    27/03/2020 Reply

    That gives me so much nostalgia.

  25. Andrew Weaver
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Wow, Arteta scored some absolute beauties for Everton!! Happy to have had this recommended to me. COYG!

  26. Hookairs
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Never kissed the Everton badge did he

  27. Mister X
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Basically the old Ruben neves

  28. east Africa
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Do you people know that Everton offered the job to arteta 1st but he said fuck that small club.

  29. pablo honey
    27/03/2020 Reply

    And his hairstyles still the same until today

  30. Nguyễn Nhân Hiểu
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Xabi alonso arterta the same

  31. Fauzan Birawanto
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Arteta, cahill, osman pure class

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