Learn to Play Magicka Mayhem Card Game: Tutorial Video #10 – Overview of Gameplay Rules

Don’t like reading BORING gameplay rules?

No problem!

You can WATCH ME read the boring gameplay rules TO YOU!!!


Enjoy, you lazy bum!


In Magicka Mayhem: The Card Game, you combine Element ‘ingredients’ to craft Spells from ‘recipes’ found on Spell Cards.

You can rain fiery ouchies on your mortal enemies, protect yourself (or those luckiest enough to call you ‘friend’) using Elemental Shields or heal yourself (or your Wizards-in-arms) from injury. You can also Summon powerful creatures to do your destructifying for you…


After every Spell there is a CHANCE that your Spell will get Mayhem-ified which can cause it to…

Blow Up in your Face, Save your Bum from Disaster or Make you Pee your Pants with Laughter!

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