How to enable & put Cheats in Call Of Duty 4 in PC | Easiest Way | Cod4 Cheats Tutorial (PC) |cheats

24/05/2020 By 20 Comments

How to enable & put Cheats in Call Of Duty 4 PC the Easiest Way | Cod4 Cheats Tutorial (PC) | cheats
How to enable & put Cheats in Call Of Duty 4 PC the Easiest Way | Cod4 Cheats Tutorial (PC) | cheats

Hey guys,,
Welcome to my channel. By watching this video you can enable and put cheats in call of duty 4 modern warfare. At first go to option-game option-turn yes console. Then follow my steps by watching video. Put cheat & enjoy your games.Ok guys

seta thereisacow “1337” & for 1.5 version also type “spdevmap armada” [To Activate Cheats] ( just type this in the main menu of the game not in the game play)
give all [Access All Weapons]
cg_LaserForceOn 1 [Add Laser Sights to ALL Weapons]
jump_height # [Adjust Gravity Default = 39]
timescale # [Adjust Time Default = 1.00]
sf_use_ignoreammo 1 [Allows you to shoot without reloading.]
r_fullbright [Easier to see things]
notarget [Enemies Ignore You]
give ammo [Full Ammo]
god [God Mode]( or if u just type in “god” sometimes it wont work so type in “/god”)
demigod [God mode but screen still shakes]
kill [Kill player]
noclip [No Clipping Mode]
take all [Removes all your guns and health]
take ammo [Removes your ammo]
cg_drawGun [Removes Your Gun]
ufo [Same as noclip?]
player_sprintSpeedScale [Set player’s sprint speed]
cg_laserlight T 1o [draw the light emitted from the laser]
cg_fov [Zoom with any Gun]
/god (godmode)
/jump_height XX (superjump, xx = value, 190 is default)
/noclip (noclip)
/cg_laserforceon 1 (laser)
/g_speed xx (walk/sprint speed)
/player_sustainammo 1 (unlimited ammo)
/give all (get all weapons)

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20 Comments on "How to enable & put Cheats in Call Of Duty 4 in PC | Easiest Way | Cod4 Cheats Tutorial (PC) |cheats"

  1. Everything INN
    24/05/2020 Reply

    thanks bro

  2. M๏иร†эя
    24/05/2020 Reply

    whats the name of allgilledup mission map?

  3. The Dynamics Gaming & Technical zone
    24/05/2020 Reply

    Not working in v 1.0

    24/05/2020 Reply

    কোন কোন mission এ cheat coad কাজ হয়, আবার কোন কোন mission এ কাজ করে না। কারন টা বলবেন pls pls

  5. Fahim Faisal Khan Shapnil
    24/05/2020 Reply

    1. Will the cheats work on version 1.8? what code do I have to type in the beginning?

    2. will it work for anyone who is not hosting the servers?

  6. that pro who lags
    24/05/2020 Reply

    My computer thinks your fps is a god...

  7. Rixx
    24/05/2020 Reply

    Watch out ! if you have the middle of the mission..that command will make your mission back from the beggining..

  8. Chris Tian
    24/05/2020 Reply

    Help me😫

  9. Chris Tian
    24/05/2020 Reply

    How to cancel no clipping😫😫😫😫

  10. Chris Tian
    24/05/2020 Reply

    How to cancel the cheat?

  11. Aryan Reings
    24/05/2020 Reply

    It's really great easy Always working but it didn't gave me the sniper rifle m21 and m4a1

  12. Rixx
    24/05/2020 Reply

    how about god mode ?

  13. Smok
    24/05/2020 Reply

    How do i see the game version?

  14. nojusprogamerltu43xd
    24/05/2020 Reply

    Working thx bro

  15. xDasGrillo
    24/05/2020 Reply

    how do i open console

    24/05/2020 Reply

    thank you bro

    24/05/2020 Reply

    Bhai make video in hindi

  18. Debajyoti Ghosh
    24/05/2020 Reply

    akta lavel ei hochhe but next level anichhe na cheat coad

  19. Rifat Raha
    24/05/2020 Reply

    Thanks for this video bro

  20. Kemstar
    24/05/2020 Reply

    Works well I'm using v1.5 of the game😀😀

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