Game Grumps: Welcome Back to Jackin' Grumps Version II

This one has 30 years experience.

After 2 months, I promised this was to come out earlier, but here it is now. More jackin off for all of you, and no it’s not a little bit of JO-ing, we got 27 minutes of JO-ing. Also thank you all for wathing the first part/first version. And I’ve listened to what you guys said in the comments. Next to You, Wolfjob, JO Crystal, Jon Fake JO-ing in front of Mochi, and me tho you never asked for me.

Vids include: Pokemon FireRed, Super Mario Sunshine, Zelda BotW, Zelda OoT, MegaMan 3, Sonic 06, Sonic Adventure DX, and Joe and Mac.

Grumps Office full of, well lots of sesh:
Also nothing in my room too:


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