FNAFB: Puppet Man's Excellent Expedition | Full Playthrough ~ [Intense Mode]

It’s me. It’s time to begin my excellent expedition.

The original FNAF is created by: “Scott Cawthon”
FNAFB series is created by: Sable Lynn & Joshua Shaw
FNAFB Puppet Man’s Excellent Expedition is created by: “Sivelos”

Download the game here:

The entire playthrough of FNAFB Puppet Man’s Excellent Expedition. Fucking hell, nearly 5 hours of playthrough?! I actually never thought I’d make a playthrough THIS long, this piece of shit took 13 hours to render, and I’m so hoping I don’t get a fucking a content ID copyright claim on this, I replaced lots of music’s that were copyrighted, or at least, I thought and hoped they were. Anyways this is the sequel to FNAFB Golden Edition Q Scenario, which I haven’t made a freaking playthrouhg of that yet, I’ll get on that soon. I have to say that this FNAFB fan made game is one Sivelos most awesome FNAFB game he’s ever made, IMO. Awesome job on this game man! 😀

And you people should know this by now, I modded the game to get a shit load of Tokens, not going to bother waste time on grinding for money, and yes, I modded the game to get stats boots quickly, there wasn’t rlly another way to do it, and the fact there’s so many OP bossess that takes FOREVER to kill with regular stats on Intense Mode, like Shadow Freddy for instance, I literally had to boost my stats to the MAX (ATK only) to speed things up a bit, and I know what you ppl are still thinking:”U FUCKING N00B HAX CHEATER! WHY MUST U CHEAT?!” Well, listen here you Enragement Child’s, these kinds of games aren’t really fair at all, many enemies are so OP that it even takes an HOUR to beat them (If you’re playing on Critical, Intense, w.e hard modes FNAFB games have like I have). Believe it or not, it DOESN’T make the game easy, it just makes it more balanced at the very least. (Well, if you use the stat boots at the right time and when you TRULY need them) I don’t mod the game to weaken enemies or boss fights, I don’t do that at all, why would I? that would just take away the challenge, and it’ll be just very boring. The ONLY boss I’d literally nerf is “Author B.B” because that battle is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to win. I tried every strategy I could think off, but nothing works, You’re lucky I didn’t include my many, many, MANY tries of beating him, I lost every single one.

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