[Cover] Điều anh biết (Chi Dân) – English version

There’re so many stars in the sky
I don’t know what future looks like
Though it gets hard, never hide
Or lose, Cause I have you for the rest of my life
I love you more than I reveal
Those sweet words, how they can be used
My love is simple and pure but I promise I will do anything for you
Don’t you know all I care about your brilliant smile
Light up my cold world which I used to hide
Don’t you know I go crazy when you feel sad,
You leave me alone, everything is bad
Don’t you know I need you, the best thing in life
I’m sorry for my mistakes, or my lies
Things I care are above, no promises, I just wanna hug you so tight, babe
There are so many handsome guys
But only you can make me high
I love your beautiful eyes
Wanna be drunk in your love until we get tired

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