Chaotic: Shadow Warriors – Longplay (100%) Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)

Chaotic Shadow Warriors 100% All creatures and Mugic. This game is not exactly what I thought it was gonna be when I bought it, I was thinking it was going to be a bit more like the tv show 1v1’s in an arena. But that said it is a fun game for what it is, it didn’t feel to long in fact the longest part felt like the starting overworld area. Now I prefer playing as the Mipedians cause they awesome. I thought about playing as the danians but meh. Honestly it was pretty easy to 100% this game, secret area’s weren’t to hard to find. What is really cool is the mugic you use is from the tv show and it even sounds like it. I actually bought this game about 8 years ago probably more, saw it in the bargain bin and played it when I got home never beat it though. So was nice to beat it. Overall decent and fun game. So with that I hope you enjoy watching this longplay.

Gameplay recorded by Quaver

Love me that Classic Chaotic intro 😉

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