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Barcelona vs Manchester United 2:6 – All Goals & Highlights RESUMEN & GOLES (Last 2 Matches) HD

27/03/2020 By 46 Comments

Barcelona vs Manchester United 2-6 RESUME From Last 2 Friendly Matches HD
1) FC Barcelona vs Manchester United 1-3 (2015)
2) Barcelona vs Manchester United 1-3 (2017)
High Definition

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46 Comments on "Barcelona vs Manchester United 2:6 – All Goals & Highlights RESUMEN & GOLES (Last 2 Matches) HD"

    27/03/2020 Reply

    Manchester United made it four wins from four during Tour 2017, presented by Aon, on Sunday by beating Spanish and European champions Real Madrid on penalties in Santa Clara. Next up, the Reds face another of La Liga's giants, Barcelona, looking for a fifth victory in the US before continuing pre-season preparations in Europe.

  2. Oscar Wong
    27/03/2020 Reply

    this thumbnail LOL

  3. azam farooqui
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Fcb should loose 19-0

  4. Raúl Football
    27/03/2020 Reply

    I hate your videos liar

  5. RealMask
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Man United Cheat

  6. Tirhas Woldu
    27/03/2020 Reply

    😂 I can’t stop laugh hahahha

  7. manchester united M.U
    27/03/2020 Reply


  8. Tired Thunder
    27/03/2020 Reply

    R.I.P Manchester United 😢

    Edited: I hope upcoming seasons will be great for MU fans

  9. Carlos Zambrano
    27/03/2020 Reply


  10. Lxnks
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Ashley Young use to be a amazing winger with amazing pace

    Now he is the crappiest defender

  11. Mama aldi Aldi
    27/03/2020 Reply

    bar celona bungil

  12. Shinichi Kudou
    27/03/2020 Reply

    It 6-2 Man utd is the Best

  13. Maria Khan
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Glory Glory Man United !

  14. Vicky Buckland
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Love manutd

  15. Bagas Satria
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Jancukkk penipu click bait

  16. Gh Fg
    27/03/2020 Reply


  17. Giorgi Omanidze
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Martalia Manchesterma moigo magram barca klasnia😂

  18. Rina Puteri Oktarina
    27/03/2020 Reply

    When they have Waza in the front

  19. Fatuma Noor
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Man utd wa teamka duniga ogo fiican hadee ad ifahmeesA like ta igo cimaamad 🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵

  20. Derick david Chic patzan
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Puta y en donde está el 6 a 2

  21. Nataša Marić
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Barcelona 5-1 ManU Champions finals

  22. WithLogic
    27/03/2020 Reply

    You should realise this.
    Game 1) Barca B vs Man utd A ( Only suarez played and got subbed before halftime) (This is a friendly)
    Game 2) Barca Legends v Man utd Legends. ( Friendly game not a competitive)

  23. spou sikahs
    27/03/2020 Reply

    what the fuck you are trying to show...

  24. ledalinh
    27/03/2020 Reply

    oh yeah mu is winner barca

  25. Silent karki
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Okay mo name ka cleans Kno no 💰

  26. Xiaomi Note5
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Mantap Tim Master United Mantap Sundulan kepala Rooney

  27. Виктор Гарсия
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Manchester Utd the best!

  28. Maria Apolonia
    27/03/2020 Reply

    mu menang

  29. Snooker STMNHz
    27/03/2020 Reply

    กระชับมิตร 5555555555555555555555555555555555555

  30. Salinra Sihotang
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Barca di permalukan

  31. Domenika Frangaj
    27/03/2020 Reply


  32. Joako Riva
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Que grande el united

  33. King Mar
    27/03/2020 Reply


  34. Iniestismo
    27/03/2020 Reply

    You're so stupid

  35. whildan panyalai
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Rumah makan Padang pucuak dicinto kebun besar Tangerang

  36. i Hype
    27/03/2020 Reply


  37. Aldi Syaputra saputra
    27/03/2020 Reply

    brapo mu

  38. Louis Tan
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Don’t believe him dude and want make vid do real vids this it totally fake u just want to make people like what u like the real was 1 o Barcelona won or u will never make more vids every vids is big win can’t be it fake u made it fake another video was right 1 0 don’t lie

  39. Louis Tan
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Guys he lie real game is 1 0 barca won

  40. DaveyBoyy25
    27/03/2020 Reply

    How does it feel goofy prick to miss twice against the best team ever!

  41. Red City
    27/03/2020 Reply

    I love how everyone is saying it’s an old video as if 90% of the football matches on YouTube aren’t

  42. Juan Diego Burgos
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Ah, que verga era el Barcelona leyendas

    27/03/2020 Reply


  44. Lungailan kamei
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Braca hopeless I am so happy Messi n Suarez cannot do anything

  45. meme bros
    27/03/2020 Reply

    But I know that we will win the premier league and the champions league

  46. meme bros
    27/03/2020 Reply

    Man United is going down in 2018

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