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Apple products just got BETTER

26/03/2020 By 37 Comments

Join the drop for the Massdrop x Beyerdynamic DT 177X Go Headphones at




Apple Universal Purchasing rolls out along with some other OS updates
Trackpad support

iCloud Drive


Undetected malware still goin nuts on Play store

DoNotPay helps you delay payments because of coronavirus

Child of Light (Uplay)

Goat of Duty (Steam)

Stanley Parable (Epic Games Store)

Picard (CBS)

Educational stuff!

Learn how to develop Unity games

Verizon giving free internet to students in LA

ISPS waiving data overage fees – if you contact them and ask


Computex 2020 delayed to September

Firefox begins paid ad-free program… makes sense

Royole Flexpai 2

@ 18:39 , 23:19 , 51:18 , 51:40 , 52:12

Ford and GM start making ventilators

Some HP SSDs could brick themselves after four years of use



37 Comments on "Apple products just got BETTER"

  1. mp3talon
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Yeah but can you download a torrent client on iOS? Nope.

  2. Jarper
    26/03/2020 Reply

    3:28 is that a baseline junky reference.

  3. Lucas Tornado
    26/03/2020 Reply


  4. jonathan staddon
    26/03/2020 Reply

    apple sucks

  5. lee devlin
    26/03/2020 Reply

    if the coronavirus does not end by then, we will be calling fire the next high tech

  6. -RagingPotato-
    26/03/2020 Reply

    This must be the wrong video. The intro is different, no background music, and it looks like the lighting is wrong.

  7. Yumiko
    26/03/2020 Reply

    riley has a seperate comb just for his moustache

  8. Cleean
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Apple products just got SHITTER

  9. StReef
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Star Trek: Picard becomes free... and still nobody watches it.

  10. d j
    26/03/2020 Reply

    I wish I had half as much fun at work as these guys seem to have.

  11. Double Vision Media Liaisons
    26/03/2020 Reply

    As a Sound Recordist....."AAAaaargh!" If you're going to have off camera back talk as part of your shtick, and frequently-you do (I do love it) across your multiple channels, can you at least mic the guy?? Sometimes its clear and lots of old videos its not. You can keep the distant feeling just by point at mic - in the off camera direction but a few meters away. I don't even think you have a sound recordist :( He wasn't ever introduced during the company videos. I would love to apply for that job, your team looks like an amazing bunch to work with.

  12. Paul Rongcal
    26/03/2020 Reply

    please don't shutdown Techlinked dear government, it's essential for us nerds

  13. Mphakamisi Masuku
    26/03/2020 Reply

    I feel like you guys are running out of interesting news

  14. SayIDidItTM
    26/03/2020 Reply

    When Google removes an app (or a bunch of apps...), the app doesn't get deleted from the phones that downloaded them. It doesn't even send a warning of some sort (I think). That is messed up! So so many phones are running around with malicious apps and don't even know it.

  15. C-Walker
    26/03/2020 Reply

    That the fuk just happened at the start of this video. I feel like I had a small stroke or something.

  16. Daniel Dougan
    26/03/2020 Reply

    This is the definition of a non-essential business. I love all the Linus Media Group content, don't get me wrong, but you techies can't figure out how to do this from home to stay safe?

  17. Masiosare II
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Not this year Apple, we are in survivor mode no need to pay for overpriced useless tech.

  18. Dan M
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Google playstore: exist
    Malwares: it's free real estate

  19. Rendered Pixels
    26/03/2020 Reply

    The last story I thought I saw like a good 6 months ago, is it still a thing?

  20. Republic Of Texas
    26/03/2020 Reply

    If only Picard didn't suck

  21. John Dowty
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Riley is the best thing that ever happened to your team Linus.
    He's a treat to watch. :)

  22. rkd-me
    26/03/2020 Reply

    I like the background comments and bullshit you guys chat about

  23. PairusDragonoid
    26/03/2020 Reply

    > Apple products just got BETTER

    Who believe in that lie?

  24. Dolphinasd Gaming
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Dude my Razer Phone 2 already HAD supported keyboard and mouse for years. Also at 120hz.....and not THAT expensive lul. Also set performance to max.

  25. Jacco Cu
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Woah before this vid there was this ad for pulse wave with Linus in it

  26. Maytemberr
    26/03/2020 Reply

    They now run Android?

  27. pratik kumar
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Apple haters are praising apple, Apple must be doing thins right.

  28. h41fGOD
    26/03/2020 Reply

    That HP bug nuked a lot of government infrastructure in Sweden a few months ago.

  29. Ada Palis
    26/03/2020 Reply

    They dropped the price to a reasonable and realistic point?

  30. Klassy Gaming
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Why is there periodic ringing like at 0:25

  31. aPeskyPlumber
    26/03/2020 Reply

    man this one's been lacking energy, but i don't blame them though with things being hectic

  32. Fattony6666
    26/03/2020 Reply

    LOL at the unityyyyy from Chapelle's Show, I was saying the same thing in my head 2:25

  33. MrConminer
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Wasn't HP the company which used counters on their printers so they did not work after a certain number of printed pages? Gets me kinda suspicious about that "bug"

  34. Mr. Ramirez
    26/03/2020 Reply

    You can't just assume people want help, you gotta wait till they ask...

    -Riley 2:50

  35. Andres Carrasco
    26/03/2020 Reply

    Killing demons on Doom ethernal all this time

  36. pumpkin boi
    26/03/2020 Reply


  37. solidtl
    26/03/2020 Reply

    props to james for the chappelles show rick james episode refrence.. UNITYYYYYYY!! cold blooded..

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